There are some essential points that you should be learning following seven steps to earn money on Instagram which works for many successful people around the planet. You need to understand that it’s going to take two very important qualities to be successful with this method and you can be incredibly successful. You’ll need consistency and you’ll need patience.

Two important qualities

  • Consistency

Consistency means that you’ll have to work on this every single day of the week whether it’s for one hour or most of the day like Tai Lopez says: “The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken”.

  • Patience

Patience means that you are going to have to wait for the best things in life takes some time to accomplish in an excellent new-age form of business even in all of its glory and efficiency must surrender to this law of the universe as well.

Here are the steps.

Step 1: Create an Instagram account focused on a specific niche

A niche means a topic that you as an Instagram business owner will focus on. It is an incredibly important concept in the development of businesses because no business has ever succeeded without targeting a niche.

Just like Southwest Airlines provides commercial flights and McDonald’s provides fast food, you too must choose a specific topic to focus your Instagram business on.
Common Instagram niches are fitness, self-help, and cars.  Choose something that you personally find to be very interesting so you can help yourself stay consistent on the road to Instagram fame and success.  

As a final point to this step, try to name your Instagram account something exciting and make sure it follows the niche as well. For example, if you create an account about cars you can name it “amazing cars” or if you focus on self-help name it something like “success4ever”.

Step 2: Get some “buffer” followers

Part of the process of making lots of money with Instagram is establishing a strong base of real active followers and you need to know how to do that in one of the next steps. However, starting off is the hardest part because no one wants to follow someone with very few followers social proof simply tells them not to.  Thus, in order to obtain real active followers in the future, you must first acquire what I like to call buffer followers.

Buffer followers are low-quality followers that don’t do much besides make your account seem more popular so real people will actually follow it.

Luckily for you, it doesn’t take many buffer followers to convince people your Instagram is worth much, so download an Instagram application that allows you to get free followers just by doing simple things such as liking and commenting on other people’s photos. Then work until you have a solid base of at least 100 buffer followers.

Step 3: Post one niche-related picture every single day

This step coincides with consistency.  ‘Consistency is key’. ‘Consistency is king’. You’ve heard all of these things before but when it comes to developing a profitable social media empire this principle could not be truer. Thus you should focus on posting one niche related photo or video every single day on your Instagram account.

For example, if your Instagram focuses on cats, post one picture of a cute cat every single day and make sure they are all of good quality.

Step 4: Follow a bunch of popular people in your niche

This step and step 5 is where you start to develop a big following but it’s going to take some steady work. The first part of that process requires that you follow a lot of the popular Instagram accounts that are already in your niche.

For example, if we again assume that you are trying to become a popular profitable account about cats then you should follow at least 20 popular users who are also posting about cats.

This step has two purposes.  First, you can learn a tremendous amount from someone just by watching how they operate thus it’s important that you learn from people who have already succeeded in doing what you are attempting to accomplish. Second, you will want to use these popular accounts for the next step.

Step 5: Follow the followers of the popular people that you follow

The title of this step is self-explanatory but maybe a bit much to absorb, so I’m going to break it down for you.

Naturally, it makes sense that people are more likely to follow someone on Instagram if they already follow a similar account.  Additionally, it makes sense that people are more likely to follow you if you follow them back. Thus we combine these two truths into one simple strategy.

Go to one of the popular people in your niche that you follow, preferably someone with at least 10,000 followers. Next, tap followers at the top of their page and start following the list of people.

When those people see that you’re following them they will follow you as a result especially because you are in a niche they like.

Step 6: Collaborate

Once you have a decent following a very simple way to spread the popularity of your account is to collaborate with other popular Instagram accounts in your niche.  This is like a much larger scale version of the previous trick because again you are trying to capture the followers of other bigger people.

Step 7: Promote products and affiliate links on your account

This is the final step the one that actually teaches you the easy part of this process which is making money from your Instagram account.  Once your page is big and established enough there are millions of super easy ways to make money from your account. In fact, lots of companies will start to DM you with business offers.
In addition to these, you can sell t-shirts with companies like Teespring, promote affiliate products from Amazon or click and even post advertisements for fad products like digit spinners.

In the end, developing your account is the hard part and making money from it is just a Google search away.

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