Top Instagram hashtags for 2019

Getting Instagram followers can be really tricky especially when you’re starting out. What is the best way to get discovered?

I think many experts will agree it can be done through hashtags. If you nail this down you’ll start growing your Instagram faster than ever.

Why we use Instagram hashtags?

They help your post rank within certain Instagram hashtags, so you can get discovered faster, get more engagement, more comments, more likes, and finally more followers

There are some ground rules about hashtags you should stick with.


Hashtags should be really relevant to your post. For example, if you post something about the dog don’t use #entrepreneur or #jogging. Only use relevant Instagram hashtags concerning your image or video. Instagram is actually smart enough to recognize certain patterns out of images and videos and they’ll know what your hashtag is about. It would really hurt your account health if you start posting hashtags that don’t relate to your content.

Instagram hashtags


The second rule is to stop using Instagram hashtags over and over. A lot of people just reusing the hashtag they already used on the previous post. That’s really wrong because this will hurt your account health and Instagram will know not to promote you on the explore page.


The third rule is Instagram only allows us to have 30 hashtags per post. Try to stay below this number. If you keep using 30 this will again hurt your account’s health.

Big Hashtags

The last rule is don’t use the Instagram hashtags that have millions of posts. Stay away from general words such as # dog #photo #tree. Whatever you come up with, those words just won’t work. There is too much competition on these hashtags and you will have much more use from lower hashtags.

What Instagram hashtags are best to use?

Using popular Instagram hashtags doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to get more engagement. Since these Instagram hashtags are popular, they are being used by millions of people, so your post will most likely be concealed by the competition.

Here are some 2018 popular hashtags.

Popular Instagram hashtags in 2018


Those hashtags might have been used on Instagram over the last year however, there are yet more which can be found as trending. The following hashtags seem to find attractive in 2019.

Top trending Instagram hashtags in 2019


It’s important to know that within certain Instagram hashtags you are able to get ranked get at least as many likes as your competitors. Also, you need to check out the likes of the competitors and if you’re able to rank within certain hashtags.

For example, if the top nine posts of a certain hashtag have 5,000 likes per post and you get around 500 per post, you’re not going to get ranked because you can’t get up with the competition.

Try to only use Instagram hashtags where you really have a chance and have a shot.  If you have 100 likes per post try to find hashtags that has competitors that also has 100 likes.

The higher the posts on hashtags the better the competition will be and maybe if you can’t compete with them then try to use lower Instagram hashtags.

Those are the things you need to know about Instagram hashtags. To learn even more, read this article to learn how to find the best possible hashtags for your specific Instagram page.

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