History of Online Shopping on Instagram


Shopping has always been an amusing part of our lives. The 21st century made a noticeable change in the way we all used to go shopping by introducing online shopping to us. Instagram, as one of the most popular social network applications, has taken the first steps to provide us with pleasant experiences from shopping online. Studies show that 55 percent of the consumers have made a purchase using social media channels. In the following, we review the four stages Instagram has reached so far regarding online shopping.

Beginning of online shopping on Instagram

In November 2016, Instagram let the companies tag their products in their posts with some information about the price, the details of the product and finally the link which directed the Instagrammers to the seller’s online shop when they tapped the tag. In 2017, this feature developed nationally and was the primary step for Instagram to enter the e-commerce industry. Now, Instagram online shopping has widely spread globally and is developing every day.

Instagram stories promote your products

In June 2018, Instagram announced that small business owners could promote their products on Instagram through stories. Today, more than 400 million users view stories on Instagram every day and as you might expect, one-third of Instagram stories which have been viewed the most are related to businesses. Instagram stories have two practical advantages: Firstly, they make the most of your mobile screen to show your products perfectly and secondly, they have product stickers in addition to product tags in posts by which your customers can see the product’s image and full details with the link to the seller’s website very quickly and of course more conveniently.

Online shopping on Instagram Explore

In April 2018, more than 200 million Instagrammers visited Explore daily to find more about their interests. Shopping in Explore, as one of the most enjoyable sections, can help you find your favorite products on Instagram. Active Explore visitors are those who are strongly interested in Instagram online shopping and maybe in your brand. Your posts on Explore gives you the chance to increase your customers and make more people access your products. You can also use tools like AiGrow to increase your followers, multiply your target customers and finally make more money. After you tap on a product tag, you will see its description page which shows you the details of the product. You can also find more similar products from the same provider below the details. Then you can tap “View on Website” to make your purchase after being forwarded to the seller’s website.

IG Shopping may be coming soon

Instagram is trying to find the best features of an appropriate online shopping app to make itself one of the leading online shopping centers in the future. According to The Verge, Instagram is working on a new standalone app dedicated to shopping. It has been said that the app may be called IG shopping like the recently popular vertical video application, IGTV. As businesses are highly active on Instagram at the moment, IG shopping may focus on reaching millennial and Gen Z customers as the main online shopping customers in the following years.


Online shopping has become a part of our lives. Instagram can certainly help you promote your products through its practical features likes product tag, product sticker, stories, and Instagram Explore. Online shopping will certainly be more enjoyable with the new features coming in the following months and years. What is your opinion about online shopping? Have you experienced shopping on Instagram? What were the advantages? Let us know more about them in the comments.

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