The Quickest Way to Get Real Instagram Followers

Contrary to what you might think, amazing content isn’t the only thing you need to gain real Instagram followers and succeed on Instagram.

In fact, arguably more important than content is engaging with your community.

What exactly is engaging with your community?

Engagement is Liking, commenting, and sharing posts, as well as DMing people in your community.

Engagement is so important because:

1) it alerts people in your community to your existence

2) it helps you build social proof, and

3) it’s likely to result in people returning the favor in the form of checking out your page and possibly even following you.

To give you an idea of just how likely, Neil Patel found that for every 100 posts that he liked, he received 6 followers in return.

That means that if you are liking 300-400 posts a day (the approximate limit for new Instagram accounts), you can expect roughly 18-24 followers in return (6 x 3/4 = 18/24).

Let’s assume you are getting 24 followers a day from this. That’s 168 followers a week. That’s almost 700 followers a month just from Liking posts!

Now you’re likely thinking to yourself “I have to Like 400 posts a day? I don’t have time for that!”. And it’s true – very few people have the time (or energy) to sit on their phone and Like hundreds of posts every single day.

Enter automation

Before you use an automation tool to take over your engagement, you need to perform a little research beforehand.

Namlely, you need to know who you sjould be engaging with for the best possible results. In this case, you want to be engaging only with people who are likely to return the favor and follow your page.

There are many ways to find your target audience on Instagram, but the easiest is through hashtags.

To find your target audience through hashtag research, follow the steps below:

1) Search a general keyword on Instagram related to your niche

2) Take note of all of the popular hashtags that result from your search.

3) Tap one of the popular hashtags and note all of the “Related Hashags” listed horizontantly below

4) Repeat step 2 and 3 for as many hashtags as possible.

The hashtags that you find through this research are the hashtags that your target audience is both using and searching for. In other words, people using these hashtags are likely to be interested in your Instagram page.

Now, take these hashtags and put them into an automation tool like AiGrow.

After hitting “Go”, AiGrow will begin Liking, following, commenting, and DMing only users on Instagram who are using the hashtags that you provided.

While AiGrow is engaging with these users, you can invest your time and energy into more important things like creating amazing content.

Get real Instagram followers in the hundreds with very little effort on your part with smart automation.

Familiar with other ways to get real Instagram followers in an efficient and timely manner? Please share your wisdom in the comments below!

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