How to Send Instagram DMs on Your Desktop

Only being able to craft, send, and get Instagram DMs in your telephone may not look to be an inconvenience to the average Instagram user, but if you’re a larger channel sending and receiving hundreds of DMs daily, taking out your phone and typing out each and each response can be incredibly time-consuming. Luckily, sending Instagram DMs in your desktop has never been simpler.

Sending Instagram DMs on your Mac (and other desktops)

Sending messages from your Mac is harder than other working software and will need an program like AiGrow.

Contrary to other desktop messaging apps, AiGrow doesn’t require any download to get the job done. Simply visit the website, make an account, add your Instagram account, and you are done.

As soon as you’re logged in, you’ll have complete access to your Instagram inbox as a way to manage your DMs as you would if you were in your phone. To give you a sense of how easy it is, have a peek in the 30-second video under:

Together with AiGrow, you are able to:

  • Send messages
  • respond to messages
  • filter your inbox to show read, unread, or delivered messages
  • attach images to a DMs
  • search for messages from different channels

Plus, if you have one message that you’d love to send into a high number of your followers, you can even automate the procedure. Just craft your message, then choose to whom you’d love to send the message to (new followers, a custom list of followers, etc.), hit”Start”, and AiGrow will start automatically sending out your message until it is sent to all desired recipients (or before you let it stop).

Sending Instagram DMs in your PC

Sending messages from the PC is much easier than sending messages from another OS. It is as simple as downloading the official Instagram program from the Microsoft app shop and adhering to the directions detailed in the video below.

While Windows users have the advantage of having the ability to utilize Instagram’s native program from their desktop, for people who would like a more Gmail-esque approach to arrange their DMs, as well as the capability to deliver bulk DMs to targeted groups of people on Instagram, AiGrow is your thing to do.

Sign up for AiGrow for free and test it out yourself!


There are some essential points that you should be learning following seven steps to earn money on Instagram which works for many successful people around the planet. You need to understand that it’s going to take two very important qualities to be successful with this method and you can be incredibly successful. You’ll need consistency and you’ll need patience.

Two important qualities

  • Consistency

Consistency means that you’ll have to work on this every single day of the week whether it’s for one hour or most of the day like Tai Lopez says: “The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken”.

  • Patience

Patience means that you are going to have to wait for the best things in life takes some time to accomplish in an excellent new-age form of business even in all of its glory and efficiency must surrender to this law of the universe as well.

Here are the steps.

Step 1: Create an Instagram account focused on a specific niche

A niche means a topic that you as an Instagram business owner will focus on. It is an incredibly important concept in the development of businesses because no business has ever succeeded without targeting a niche.

Just like Southwest Airlines provides commercial flights and McDonald’s provides fast food, you too must choose a specific topic to focus your Instagram business on.
Common Instagram niches are fitness, self-help, and cars.  Choose something that you personally find to be very interesting so you can help yourself stay consistent on the road to Instagram fame and success.  

As a final point to this step, try to name your Instagram account something exciting and make sure it follows the niche as well. For example, if you create an account about cars you can name it “amazing cars” or if you focus on self-help name it something like “success4ever”.

Step 2: Get some “buffer” followers

Part of the process of making lots of money with Instagram is establishing a strong base of real active followers and you need to know how to do that in one of the next steps. However, starting off is the hardest part because no one wants to follow someone with very few followers social proof simply tells them not to.  Thus, in order to obtain real active followers in the future, you must first acquire what I like to call buffer followers.

Buffer followers are low-quality followers that don’t do much besides make your account seem more popular so real people will actually follow it.

Luckily for you, it doesn’t take many buffer followers to convince people your Instagram is worth much, so download an Instagram application that allows you to get free followers just by doing simple things such as liking and commenting on other people’s photos. Then work until you have a solid base of at least 100 buffer followers.

Step 3: Post one niche-related picture every single day

This step coincides with consistency.  ‘Consistency is key’. ‘Consistency is king’. You’ve heard all of these things before but when it comes to developing a profitable social media empire this principle could not be truer. Thus you should focus on posting one niche related photo or video every single day on your Instagram account.

For example, if your Instagram focuses on cats, post one picture of a cute cat every single day and make sure they are all of good quality.

Step 4: Follow a bunch of popular people in your niche

This step and step 5 is where you start to develop a big following but it’s going to take some steady work. The first part of that process requires that you follow a lot of the popular Instagram accounts that are already in your niche.

For example, if we again assume that you are trying to become a popular profitable account about cats then you should follow at least 20 popular users who are also posting about cats.

This step has two purposes.  First, you can learn a tremendous amount from someone just by watching how they operate thus it’s important that you learn from people who have already succeeded in doing what you are attempting to accomplish. Second, you will want to use these popular accounts for the next step.

Step 5: Follow the followers of the popular people that you follow

The title of this step is self-explanatory but maybe a bit much to absorb, so I’m going to break it down for you.

Naturally, it makes sense that people are more likely to follow someone on Instagram if they already follow a similar account.  Additionally, it makes sense that people are more likely to follow you if you follow them back. Thus we combine these two truths into one simple strategy.

Go to one of the popular people in your niche that you follow, preferably someone with at least 10,000 followers. Next, tap followers at the top of their page and start following the list of people.

When those people see that you’re following them they will follow you as a result especially because you are in a niche they like.

Step 6: Collaborate

Once you have a decent following a very simple way to spread the popularity of your account is to collaborate with other popular Instagram accounts in your niche.  This is like a much larger scale version of the previous trick because again you are trying to capture the followers of other bigger people.

Step 7: Promote products and affiliate links on your account

This is the final step the one that actually teaches you the easy part of this process which is making money from your Instagram account.  Once your page is big and established enough there are millions of super easy ways to make money from your account. In fact, lots of companies will start to DM you with business offers.
In addition to these, you can sell t-shirts with companies like Teespring, promote affiliate products from Amazon or click and even post advertisements for fad products like digit spinners.

In the end, developing your account is the hard part and making money from it is just a Google search away.

Also, there is an easier way to earn money on Instagram.


AIGrow is one of the best social growth tools to evolve your Instagram account in terms of followers and making customers for your business. You can set plans for your activities automatically, attracting plenty of eager users to your business. You can send auto messages instead of sending direct messages to all of your followers by yourself. It also lets you like, follow, and comment automatically to navigate genuine related followers to your account.

Top Instagram hashtags for 2019

Getting Instagram followers can be really tricky especially when you’re starting out. What is the best way to get discovered?

I think many experts will agree it can be done through hashtags. If you nail this down you’ll start growing your Instagram faster than ever.

Why we use Instagram hashtags?

They help your post rank within certain Instagram hashtags, so you can get discovered faster, get more engagement, more comments, more likes, and finally more followers

There are some ground rules about hashtags you should stick with.


Hashtags should be really relevant to your post. For example, if you post something about the dog don’t use #entrepreneur or #jogging. Only use relevant Instagram hashtags concerning your image or video. Instagram is actually smart enough to recognize certain patterns out of images and videos and they’ll know what your hashtag is about. It would really hurt your account health if you start posting hashtags that don’t relate to your content.

Instagram hashtags


The second rule is to stop using Instagram hashtags over and over. A lot of people just reusing the hashtag they already used on the previous post. That’s really wrong because this will hurt your account health and Instagram will know not to promote you on the explore page.


The third rule is Instagram only allows us to have 30 hashtags per post. Try to stay below this number. If you keep using 30 this will again hurt your account’s health.

Big Hashtags

The last rule is don’t use the Instagram hashtags that have millions of posts. Stay away from general words such as # dog #photo #tree. Whatever you come up with, those words just won’t work. There is too much competition on these hashtags and you will have much more use from lower hashtags.

What Instagram hashtags are best to use?

Using popular Instagram hashtags doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to get more engagement. Since these Instagram hashtags are popular, they are being used by millions of people, so your post will most likely be concealed by the competition.

Here are some 2018 popular hashtags.

Popular Instagram hashtags in 2018


Those hashtags might have been used on Instagram over the last year however, there are yet more which can be found as trending. The following hashtags seem to find attractive in 2019.

Top trending Instagram hashtags in 2019


It’s important to know that within certain Instagram hashtags you are able to get ranked get at least as many likes as your competitors. Also, you need to check out the likes of the competitors and if you’re able to rank within certain hashtags.

For example, if the top nine posts of a certain hashtag have 5,000 likes per post and you get around 500 per post, you’re not going to get ranked because you can’t get up with the competition.

Try to only use Instagram hashtags where you really have a chance and have a shot.  If you have 100 likes per post try to find hashtags that has competitors that also has 100 likes.

The higher the posts on hashtags the better the competition will be and maybe if you can’t compete with them then try to use lower Instagram hashtags.

Those are the things you need to know about Instagram hashtags. To learn even more, read this article to learn how to find the best possible hashtags for your specific Instagram page.

History of Online Shopping on Instagram


Shopping has always been an amusing part of our lives. The 21st century made a noticeable change in the way we all used to go shopping by introducing online shopping to us. Instagram, as one of the most popular social network applications, has taken the first steps to provide us with pleasant experiences from shopping online. Studies show that 55 percent of the consumers have made a purchase using social media channels. In the following, we review the four stages Instagram has reached so far regarding online shopping.

Beginning of online shopping on Instagram

In November 2016, Instagram let the companies tag their products in their posts with some information about the price, the details of the product and finally the link which directed the Instagrammers to the seller’s online shop when they tapped the tag. In 2017, this feature developed nationally and was the primary step for Instagram to enter the e-commerce industry. Now, Instagram online shopping has widely spread globally and is developing every day.

Instagram stories promote your products

In June 2018, Instagram announced that small business owners could promote their products on Instagram through stories. Today, more than 400 million users view stories on Instagram every day and as you might expect, one-third of Instagram stories which have been viewed the most are related to businesses. Instagram stories have two practical advantages: Firstly, they make the most of your mobile screen to show your products perfectly and secondly, they have product stickers in addition to product tags in posts by which your customers can see the product’s image and full details with the link to the seller’s website very quickly and of course more conveniently.

Online shopping on Instagram Explore

In April 2018, more than 200 million Instagrammers visited Explore daily to find more about their interests. Shopping in Explore, as one of the most enjoyable sections, can help you find your favorite products on Instagram. Active Explore visitors are those who are strongly interested in Instagram online shopping and maybe in your brand. Your posts on Explore gives you the chance to increase your customers and make more people access your products. You can also use tools like AiGrow to increase your followers, multiply your target customers and finally make more money. After you tap on a product tag, you will see its description page which shows you the details of the product. You can also find more similar products from the same provider below the details. Then you can tap “View on Website” to make your purchase after being forwarded to the seller’s website.

IG Shopping may be coming soon

Instagram is trying to find the best features of an appropriate online shopping app to make itself one of the leading online shopping centers in the future. According to The Verge, Instagram is working on a new standalone app dedicated to shopping. It has been said that the app may be called IG shopping like the recently popular vertical video application, IGTV. As businesses are highly active on Instagram at the moment, IG shopping may focus on reaching millennial and Gen Z customers as the main online shopping customers in the following years.


Online shopping has become a part of our lives. Instagram can certainly help you promote your products through its practical features likes product tag, product sticker, stories, and Instagram Explore. Online shopping will certainly be more enjoyable with the new features coming in the following months and years. What is your opinion about online shopping? Have you experienced shopping on Instagram? What were the advantages? Let us know more about them in the comments.

Get More Followers on Instagram With These 5 Tips

get more instagram followers

get more instagram followers

Instagram now has over 800 million users. What are you doing to set yourself apart from the pack? If you want to get more followers on Instagram, these are the types of questions you should be asking yourself.

Here are five and tricks you can start implementing today to get more followers on Instagram:

Engage with the right people in your community

The best way to alert someone on Instagram to the existence of your page is to Like, comment, DM, follow and generally engage with that person first.

When someone sees that you’ve made the effort to engage with their content, there much more likely to return the favor and provide engagement back.

How much more likely? Well Neil Patel found that for every 100 posts that he liked, he received 6 followers in return.

If we think about that on a larger scale, that means that if you Like at least 100 posts every day, you can expect somewhere in the range of 50 new followers every single week simply from Liking.

Use automation

After reading the section above, you’re likely thinking to yourself, “I have to like 100 posts every single day? That sounds annoying…”.

Fortunately, that’s why automation exists.

With an Instagram automation tool like AiGrow, for example, you can simply provide the hashtags that you know your target audience to be using, hit “Go”, and you will auto Like, comment, follow, unfollow, and DM only people on Instagram who are using those hashtags.

You can go ever more targeted if you like, engaging with users who are located in specific locations or who follow your competitors.

Remember how we said that you can expect approximately 6 followers for every 100 posts you like? Well with an automation tool, you can expect to engage with many more than 100 posts a day.

With a smart automation tool, you can expect to engage with hundreds of posts and users every day, increasing the number of users you can expect to follow you back significantly.


One way quickly get more followers on Instagram is to incentivize your current followers to recruit new followers on your behalf.

How you might do this is by offering exposure, cash prizes or free product to any of your followers who tags 2 of their friends in a comment under your latest post.

This works because instead of you trying to convice someone to come check out your channel, it’s a friend inviting another friend. A notification from a friend saying that you’ve been tagged in a comment is far more inticing than a blatant advertisement from a business.

You can also quickly send a DM from your desktop to all of your followers (and even non-followers) to inform them of any contents or deals you’re offering.

Post Daily

Daily posting generates followers 4x faster than posting fewer than once a week.

However, if there’s on downfall to instagram, it’s that it still requires you to upload your posts from your phone. If you’re posting every day, especially multple times a day, this can get old very fast.

To save time and energy, use an Instagram scheduler, which allows you to upload and schedule your posts for days, weeks, or months ahead from your desktop.

Use influencers

Incentivizing your current followers to invite their friends isn’t the only way to take advantage of friend-to-friend persuation.

Influencer marketing consists of businesses businesses on Instagram using every-day people, called “influencers” on Instagram, to advertise their products or services through sponsored content.

Even if the goal isn’t to generate sales, having an influencer speak highly about your brand to their followers gives you access to all kinds of potential new followers you wouldn’t otherwise have access to..

Boom – 5 quick things you can do today to get more followers on Instagram.

Have any other tips you’d like to share? Share them in the comments below!

The Quickest Way to Get Real Instagram Followers

Contrary to what you might think, amazing content isn’t the only thing you need to gain real Instagram followers and succeed on Instagram.

In fact, arguably more important than content is engaging with your community.

What exactly is engaging with your community?

Engagement is Liking, commenting, and sharing posts, as well as DMing people in your community.

Engagement is so important because:

1) it alerts people in your community to your existence

2) it helps you build social proof, and

3) it’s likely to result in people returning the favor in the form of checking out your page and possibly even following you.

To give you an idea of just how likely, Neil Patel found that for every 100 posts that he liked, he received 6 followers in return.

That means that if you are liking 300-400 posts a day (the approximate limit for new Instagram accounts), you can expect roughly 18-24 followers in return (6 x 3/4 = 18/24).

Let’s assume you are getting 24 followers a day from this. That’s 168 followers a week. That’s almost 700 followers a month just from Liking posts!

Now you’re likely thinking to yourself “I have to Like 400 posts a day? I don’t have time for that!”. And it’s true – very few people have the time (or energy) to sit on their phone and Like hundreds of posts every single day.

Enter automation

Before you use an automation tool to take over your engagement, you need to perform a little research beforehand.

Namlely, you need to know who you sjould be engaging with for the best possible results. In this case, you want to be engaging only with people who are likely to return the favor and follow your page.

There are many ways to find your target audience on Instagram, but the easiest is through hashtags.

To find your target audience through hashtag research, follow the steps below:

1) Search a general keyword on Instagram related to your niche

2) Take note of all of the popular hashtags that result from your search.

3) Tap one of the popular hashtags and note all of the “Related Hashags” listed horizontantly below

4) Repeat step 2 and 3 for as many hashtags as possible.

The hashtags that you find through this research are the hashtags that your target audience is both using and searching for. In other words, people using these hashtags are likely to be interested in your Instagram page.

Now, take these hashtags and put them into an automation tool like AiGrow.

After hitting “Go”, AiGrow will begin Liking, following, commenting, and DMing only users on Instagram who are using the hashtags that you provided.

While AiGrow is engaging with these users, you can invest your time and energy into more important things like creating amazing content.

Get real Instagram followers in the hundreds with very little effort on your part with smart automation.

Familiar with other ways to get real Instagram followers in an efficient and timely manner? Please share your wisdom in the comments below!